We designed this flower basin model to create clarity and elegance in plant arrangements.



 It is easy to create tidy and impressive surroundings with this model. With its clear shape, it is suitable for many kinds of surroundings. Quatra is a versatile flower basin that can be placed in unconventionally shaped surroundings. By combining QUATRA and CORNER flower basins, you can make interesting, and even large, arrangements. (so the idea is the same as with mirror tiles placed on walls – now it can be done on a larger scale with our flower basins, even in your own backyard, see the example below)


         Example of combining a Quatra and a Corner flower basin



Model no.

Height (cm)

Width (cm) Length (cm) Floor Water space L Earth space height Earth space L


38 40 40 A or B 16 25 40


40 50 50 A or B 28 25 70


40 50 80 A or B 50 25 110


43 80 80 A or B 80 25 175