Qualities of our flower basins 

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How it all began....

In the early 1990s, Erkki Lappi began to develop in his mind a flower basin that should be durable, light, easy to clean, beautiful and, last but not least, made of frost resistant material. He consulted several gardening experts for advice and knowledge. Pretty soon he and his company Ekin Muovi were producing the first round flower basin (Moon). Among the very first were also the flower basins made for the Pieksämäki railway station. These are STILL in good condition and can be admired by everyone in summer. For over 20 years they have been resisting all kinds of weather !!  (see pictures below)


Over the years, more flower box models have appeared and new ideas are being developed – we will certainly find time to launch new models in the future.

Orders and delivery

We make flower basins to order, so customers should order in good time to have their flower arrangements ready for the summer. April, May and June tend to be our most busy months. During these months, we usually handle orders in order of arrival so customers get their products in the correct order. We have, however, been able to take care of urgent cases even in busy times, so don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you wish to make an order. Flower basins are delivered by freight. We mostly use our agreement with Kiitolinja (Schenker) and charge for the freight in our invoice. We are also willing to use customers’ freight agreements. Flower boxes are too large to be delivered by bus or post.

Please send your offer requests, inquiries or orders to

Be sure to include the following full details in your order:

* flower box model and floor  * quantity  * box colour/colours  * contact person details  * delivery address  * invoice address 

* reference details, if any


Una flower boxes have been continuing to spread around Finland. The spreading process has already been going on for over 20 years. We have gained hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. The typical new customer begins by ordering a few boxes ”just to try them out”, and we have noticed that these new customers almost invariably order more the next summer. In addition, many gardening experts have been spreading knowledge of our flower boxes in their discussions, and this has contributed to making our flower boxes so widely known in our country. Thanks to all who inform others of their experiences !

We advertise in professional gardening publications each year.

Our customers are hundreds of towns, parishes, companies and private persons. So you may run into Una flower boxes anywhere in summer. You recognize a genuine Una flower box by the small signs on the edge of the box. These may have disappeared from some of the oldest boxes, but if you have seen Una flower boxes, you will probably recognize them even without the signs. (a picture of our sign below)

We’ll be happy to serve you as one of our satisfied customers !