These are the most commonly used colours:


1. Grey  2. Red granite  3. White  4. Dark granite

We can also give flower boxes all tones and shades in the RAL colour chart, but our only stone colours are black, white, black-white and red. 

In other words, an Una flower box may have a ground colour with a special tone or shade – ask for special colours !


Floor Model A and B

Two prices, A and B, referring to floor models are mentioned in our price list. For the floor model A, you do NOT have to use Oasis Wet Floral Foam, as the floor is specifically designed to work without it, so the cups should be filled with earth. The water space under the floor is designed for water only, NOT grit, gravel or anything but water. For the floor model B, you should use Oasis Wet Floral Foam – Dry Floral Foam does not work and cannot be used. An account of what Oasis Floral Foam we recommend is given below. To customers who have ordered boxes with floor model B, we deliver the boxes with the foam ready cut (this is included in the price).

                                        Model A

Owerflo hole               Earth foot        Floor        Watering pipe

                                          Model B


Owerflo hole                        Foam              Floor


We recommend the use of Oasis Floral Foam (below) in our flower basins !